492 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON

Tel. (416) 929-4900
or (416) 603-4900

We are hiring
We are currently seeking a full time Restaurant Manager. Click here for more details.
We are CLOSED until further notice ...

Thank you for supporting small businesses as we weather this storm together.

Stay tuned for our re-birth in April !



Valentine's Day 2020 -February 14th

Our Bar and Café area is for walk-ins only on a first come, first served basis and there is room for some 30 people. If you want a guaranteed spot, we can save a spaces only for those comitting to the $100 Prix Fixe menu. Otherwise take your chances walking in and get the regular à la carte menu. If you need to get on a waiting list for these spots, our sister venue a one minute walk away could be fun (see below).

If you are interested in booking with us in our back dining room, please consider the following...

- This seating is almost sold out.  

- You can choose from one of 2 seatings, come early at 6:00, 6:30, 7:00 and have the table for 2 hours, or come later after 8:15 and stay as long as you like.

- The Prix Fixe menu offers a choice of appetizer, main course, and dessert while we throw in amuse-bouche, palette cleanser, and a sweet treat. This will be $100 per person not including beverages. 

- Please inform us of any allergies, dietary needs or preferences in advance.  

- To book, call 416 929 4900 and leave us your phone number and email address. 

- Confirm and finalize your reservation with a credit card number. We are no longer that innocent ma-and-pa place that will sit half empty while we turn away hundreds of disappointed lovebirds. We find this is the best way to separate the truly dedicated from the fickle of heart. It's like buying tickets for a show. 

- Take a step back in time with us, on this evening dedicated to romance, we have a NO CELL PHONE rule. Engage your dining companion, your food and your server in the absence of glowing screens. No cheating, we mean it!

DROM Taberna, our new sister venue, is open and serving delicious and well-priced Eastern European fare with a great selection of drinks ( www.dromtaberna.com ). Whether you are joining us at La Palette or not, it's only a block away at 458 Queen, we have a fortune teller, a live swing band with dance classes, and later a brass party band.

We look forward to seeing you! 

Drom Taberna is kicking it...

Our new venue opened last year and has already become an important part of Queen Street West culture.

An Eastern European tavern with live music at it's heart, Drom has well-priced food and drink representing the lands that stretch from the baltic to the Balkans and the Black Sea.

World Music is the name of the game in this 130 seat venue where you'll find people dancing to Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy, middle-Eastern, Eastern European Folk, Brasilian, Afro-Cuban, New Orleans, and much more.

Just a 1 minute walk away from La Palette, you can come visit before or after joining us, and come summer, you'll have that much more reason as our 80 seat patio tucked under shady trees away from the noise of the city will call you to kick back and enjoy.

You'll find some of your favourite la Palette servers here as they are also partners in this venture communist bastion of good times keeping corporate monoculture at bay in the heart of the city. 

See you there... 



Family Day Comrades!

We are open regular business hours on Monday, February 17, 2019. 

If we're not answering the phone, its because we're busy serving people...

leave a message - 416 929 4900 

Party party partizani!
We love to have fun at la Palette and having a beautiful long bar gives us and our customers a chance to get loose as the evening sets in. On occasion at midnight on the weekend as dinner service is winding down, we'll kick the party up a notch as our musician friends come in and play standing ON the bar. You can call to see when the next jam is, but usually we don't know until the last moment.

Lemon Bucket Orkestra - Toronto's only Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk super band will blow your mind with rauccous violin-accordian-tuba-belly-dance madness.
Get Rambunctious - 1 drummer and 12 horns gets the crowd shakin' with New Orleans on adrenaline improv, you yell out a song title, they'll make up a song.

Hellooo Queen Street...
So our original location in Kensington Market is closed and we are full time down at our new spot on Queen which opened in May.

Thank you all the great customers and new friends that have walked through those doors over the last decade, thank you Kensington Market and all our amazing neighbours there, we'll miss you.

We look forward to everyone visiting us in our beautiful new home!

A bientôt!
La Palette is dead...long live la Palette!

As you may have already heard, the lease is up at our original location and we will be closing our doors there later this month.  Fortunately you will still be able to enjoy our great food and drink, with the same service you have come to expect, in our fabulous new digs.

In the 10 years we have been in Kensington our following has grown along with us.  We have seen first dates blossom into romance, wedding proposals followed up with babies.  We have watched students struggle and celebrate their victories with us.  The conviviality of great conversations over clinking glasses has deepened old friendships while forging new ones alike.  All the while, we honed our abilities to bring you better and better fare delivered with care and pride.

Without ever advertising, La Palette gained recognition through word of mouth and great reviews.  We continually participated in food events and supported charitable organizations. As part of our commitment to culture in our city and our neighbourhood, we grew beyond our doors and gave back to the world with the creation of the much loved Pedestrian Sundays – monthly carfree days that will live beyond our departure. 

Now in our new space on Queens Street, we hope to continue delivering what we always have and more… here, we have a similar cosy dining room, but with a gorgeous open kitchen, a long bar, and a little café area too.  We will open lunches soon and will stay open later and later.

Check back for details around special nights in our closing weeks – November 21st is the last day! Come visit the new place too if you haven't already. Look forward to seeing you soon,

Au revoir,

Le gang at la palette.

New Second Location Open

After 10 years in Kensington Market, we have opened a second location on Queen Street West! 

Stay tuned for updated details on the website - in the meantime, come visit us at 492 Queen Street West - Open Every day at 5 PM 'til as late as it goes and Saturday, Sunday for Brunch from 11 AM  'til 4PM...  

Reservations are recommended for groups of 5 or more, otherwise, just come on down...

Our original location at 256 Augusta is not going anywhere so don't panic! And call if you're coming on the weekend...

See you soon 


We're having another one!
You may have heard rumours that we're opening another restaurant on Queen Street West - it's true!

Stay tuned for details on when La Palette will open doors at 492 Queen Street West in the busy strip between Spadina and Bathurst - probably mid to late May for Dinner and Brunch with weekday Lunch beginning in the fall.  The former stable (how ironic that we serve horse there) features a cosy dining room the same size as our original as well as a long bar and an open kitchen - new menu based on old favourites as well as more details about special events and the like coming very, very shortly. 

We have been in Kensington Market for 10 years now and don't plan to abandon our original digs anytime soon so don't panic - the sun is shining and the patio is open for summer!!  Weather permitting of course...
What we do and who we are

La Palette is a cosy, authentic French bistro in Kensington Market, the most culturally vibrant neighbourhood of Toronto.  With great word of mouth and critical acclaim we have come to enjoy a reputation as one of the best restaurants this city and Canada has to offer.

We uphold classic traditions of French Cuisine making all of our food from scratch while sourcing fresh, mostly local, artisenal produce. The seafood and vegetarian options continuously bring regulars back, but we are known for the meat that we serve - the best Duck Confit in town, positively addictive Black Angus Steak/frites, great Canadian game like Bison and Caribou, and even Toronto's first Horse steak!

It is a good idea to book in advance if you are coming for sure, particularly on the weekend or in groups of more than 5. We usually find room for walk-ins, especially with 4 or less people on weekdays, and also have a small bar and patio.

Although we have menus and specials posted here, they might not always be accurate...alas, our work is in the kitchen and dining room, not in front of a computer.

If you have any questions about catering or private functions, or would like to make a reservation, please call 416 929 4900


We look forward to seeing you.